Nipple hat

Sky view boob

Based on the hat recipe pattern.

Size: newborn, baby, toddler, woman, man

Materials: 1 [1:1:2:2] balls Hjertegarn Bommix bamboo in shade cream, oddment of pink yarn, 3.25mm needles, wool needle

Techniques: Cast on, knit, purl, K2tog, mattress stitch

Gauge: 22st to 10cm across in stocking stitch (for this hat, you can be a stitch out and it won’t matter)


Cast on 68 [80: 98: 116: 122] stitches, using any cast on.  Make sure it’s loose, else the hat will be tight.  Casting on over two needles will help make sure it’s loose.

Work 4 [4.5: 5.5: 7: 7.5] inches of stocking stitch (knit every odd row, purl every even row).  The edge will roll up, this measurement is with the brim unrolled.

Then begin decreases:

Row 1: K1,*K4, K2tog*, repeat * to * until the last stitch, K1.   You now have 57 [67: 82: 97: 102] stitches on your needle.

Row 2, 6, 8, 10, 12 & 14: Purl across row.

Row 3: Change to the pink yarn, K1,*K3, K2tog*, K1 across row.

Row 4: Knit across row (this will make the bumpy outer areola).

Row 5: K1,*K2, K2tog* across row, K1. You now have 35 [41: 50: 59: 62] stitches on your needle.

Row 7: K1,*K1, K2tog* across row, K1.

Row 9: K1,*K2tog* across row, K1.  You now have 13 [15: 18: 21: 22] stitches on your needle.     

Row 11 & 13: Knit across row

Row 15: K1,*K2tog* across row, K1 if there is an odd number of stitches, K1

Row 16: Purl across row

Break the yarn, leaving a tail of a few of inches.  With a wool needle, thread this strand of yarn through the remaining loops on the needle, slide the stitches off and pull it tight.  Sew the sides of the hat together, starting from the bottom using the cream yarn.  The neatest way is to use mattress stitch, with the smooth side facing outwards.  Weave in the yarn ends of the yarn on the inside (remember the brim will roll up so the bottom inside will become the outside).

Wash your hat and dry it over a balloon or round icecream tub – it will look even better.

Side view boob

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