Colour-bleeding yarn

In an ideal world, dyed yarns would never bleed. In this world, sometimes they do. Jasmin from The Knitmore Girls Podcast and Countess Ablaze Yarn have some advice of how to stop it from happening at their respective links (and it applies to commercially-dyed yarns as well as hand-dyed).

Fabric softeners are not recommended for handknits because of colourbleed (and because they can soften fibres enough to slide about and cause garments to lose shape).

Have your fingers ever been stained blue whilst knitting? That may not necessarily be that the dye has not been set, it may be your skin chemistry reacting with the yarn and pulling dye out so if you use hand lotion, you could try changing it.

Best Local Independent Yarn Store nomination

Thank you folks! You got us shortlisted for Best Local Independent Yarn Store, South East of England.  This is a big deal! If you’ve enjoyed a class here, taken pleasure in a shopping trip, had fun at knitting group or have any other reason to like us, please vote for us  We’re up against the behemoth that is Loop in London so rather a lot of votes are going to be needed!

Let’s Knit are offering a spa break to a lucky voter.  Nice.

Instagram photo by Sarah Clark • Jun 1, 2016 at 12:49pm UTC

Want to learn how to make the most of your pictures on Tumblr, Instagram, Etsy and the like? Emma Mitchell took this photo, she is a designer-maker, writer and photographer who has been featured in Mollie Makes, the Guardian, Country Living and Standard Issue.  Emma’s Instagram is amongst the most popular accounts on the platform with 34K followers. She is teaching a brand new class here in July!

Visual styling for social media and Etsy – £45
Saturday 23rd July, 10am – 1pm

During this workshop Emma will give you practical tips on the following aspects of smartphone photography:

  • Lighting and angles
  • Lifestyle shots and telling a story with your image
  • Editing apps
  • Colour palettes and image curation on Instagram
  • Joining in with online communities to increase your visibility
  • Using Twitter and Instagram as microblogging platforms

With Emma’s help you will style several images: a product shot, a work in progress and an engaging lifestyle shot. She will give you a guide to composition, using the golden mean, creating vignettes and styling with flowers.

No skills required, this class is suitable for knitters, crocheters and other crafters.

Materials to bring: smartphone, notebook & pen/pencil, knitting/crochet/other craft work in progress and knitting/crochet/other craft finished object.

Please pop in or call 01223 311268 to book your place.  

Instagram photo by Sarah Clark • Jun 1, 2016 at 12:49pm UTC