Yarn shop for sale

“This is the best job in the world!”

Not many people are able to say that, and I’ve been lucky to say it almost every day since November 2011, when The Sheep Shop’s doors opened.  Being surrounded by colour and texture, hearing the sighs of happiness – often comically unintended! – when someone strokes a baby alpaca yarn, seeing how proud people are of what they can make,  teaching them to do even more (or organising so that others can teach them then basking in that satisfaction by proxy), figuring out cool new things for people’s enjoyment, these have peppered my life for years.  Along the way I’ve met a lot of people who are truly wonderful, and made a hell of a lot of friends (as a deep introvert this was completely unexpected).

Now this yarn shop is for sale.  The early years of business are fast-forwarded through, and it is voted one of the best yarn shops in the UK.  I like to learn new things and am ready to try something new.  If you think you would like to claim the mantle of LYS owner, read our LYS for sale information here.  Yarn = happiness and the yarn fumes here are strong!

Should anyone read this and panic – don’t worry! – new yarn is going to continue to arrive and all the classes we have on the books are still going to run.



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