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Yarn Shop Day Yarnbomb

Be the first people to get involved in a summer-long project to jazz up Cambridge with some public art with a difference: a spectacular long-lasting flower display. Imagine hundreds, nay thousands of handmade flowers together, in shades of purple and blue. Associated activities around the display will raise awareness and funds for Cambridge Rape Crisis.

Saturday 30th April, 10am – 1pm at The Sheep Shop

You’ll need some DK or aran yarn in shades of bright purple or deep blue, and some yellow, with hook or needle size to match. Yarnbombers get 10% off on Yarn Shop Day when they buy suitable supplies here.

Join the Flower power yarnbomb group to be a well-informed flower power yarnbomber.

Yarn Shop Day Yarnbomb


Joanne Scrace’s new crochet book signing

Get your copies of Joanne Scrace & Kat Goldin’s new crochet hotseller, “Three from the Top”, signed by Joanne here on Saturday 7th May, 4 – 5pm. Featuring three crochet cardigan designs, each sized from baby to 62", each design is worked from the top down seamlessly, with all the benefits that entails.

The first print run has pretty much sold out already on pre-order and is now reprinting! You can turn up on the day but to be safe, order your copy in advance. Books are £12, you can order via 01223 311268 or email us.

More about the book:

“At The Crochet Project, if you can’t wear it generally we don’t make it. And our favourite thing to wear is a cardigan. Whether it is a cosy cardigan to snuggle into or a light one to slip over your shoulders to keep the chills off, cardigans are the ultimate all season wear. Cardigans do variable weather and heating systems better than anything else.

We have included an extensive size range to make this a go-to book for everything from baby gifts to enhancing your own wardrobe – there is a size to suit every woman and girl in your life. The advantage of this is that if you are nervous about the time and financial commitment of making for yourself, you can build up your confidence by making the designs in a smaller size first.

Top down seamless design is our favourite way of working. You can try on as you go to ensure great fit. There are no seams to sew and very little finishing to do – minimum time from fastening off to wearing it. Crochet has plenty of natural structure in the stitches that seamless garments hang very well.

This is a collection of cardigans we know you are going to love to make and love to wear. Each has a quiet simplicity to it and enough detail to keep it interesting.

Patterns are written using UK crochet terminology with US conversions given in the abbreviations section. Schematics with detailed measurements are provided throughout.”

The Night Factory video

Back in the summer, lovely folks Josh and Michael from Cambridge film production company The Night Factory came to make a promotional video for the shop.  Thank you to Friday morning knitting group for starring in it, alongside our wonderful yarns.  Because it was high summer, our shelves were not quite as full of wool as they usually are – there would be even more at other times of the year!  Thank you The Night Factory – isn’t it cool backing music?  They made it.

Linen stitch neckwarmer

It’s been a long time!  Here’s a new pattern. It’s easy, super-quick to crochet and perfect for gifts or keeping yourself toasty.  Neckwarmers are less work and use less yarn than  scarves, and make for a toasty neck with no need to fling scarf ends about.

Linen stitch makes a beautiful texture, and is especially good for variegated yarns. It’s stretchy enough made in wool that you do not need to make special button holes.  It can be done up with a shawl pin also.  Made longways, the first row takes a bit longer than shortways, but there are many fewer rows so it feels a lot quicker to make than the traditional way.   


Yarn:  One skein Malabrigo Rasta
(150g/82m superchunky wool)

Hook: 10mm

Fastening: Two large buttons, up to 4cm diameter

Gauge: Preblock: 8.5st x 9r = 4in. Postblock the heavy buttons stretched this a tiny bit to
8st x 9.25r = 4in.

Finished size: 28in by 5.5in. 


  • Dc = double crochet (UK)/ single crochet (US)
  • Fdc = foundation double crochet (UK)/ foundation single crochet (US) (this creates the first row of dc without the need to chain then dc into the chain). Cherry Heart has a great fdc tutorial.
  • Ch = chain
  • Ch-sp = chain space


Foundation: Make 56 fdc (you can substitute by chaining 57 then making 56 dc, starting in the second stitch from the hook). Turn.

Row 1: Ch2, dc into second dc of row. [Ch, skip a stitch and dc into next st] to end of
row. (You should end up with 28 dc “legs”). Turn.


Rows 2 – 10: Ch2, dc into first ch-sp.  [Ch, dc into ch-sp to end]. The last dc goes into the ch-sp formed by the ch2 at the start of the previous row. Turn.


Row 11: Ch1, dc into the top of each stitch (56 dc). Fasten off.

Weave in ends. Block. Wear. Bask in compliments.

 You are welcome to sell items made using this pattern but do not sell the pattern itself. You may freely share it, giving credit to The Sheep Shop.